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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mook Box IV: Modern Henchman

From within the depths of the mook box, we uncover another common enemy: the modern henchman. This encompasses everyone from 1920s gangsters to 1980s corporate goons to near-future dystopic mall security guards.

Modern henchman

D20 System

HP: 20 | Ref: +0 | Fort: +2 | Will: +0
AC: 13 (Flatfooted: 13 | Touch: 10)
Speed: 30 ft.
Submachine gun +1 atk | 2d6 dmg | 30 ft.
- Bullet blast (Ref DC 13 or 3d6 dmg; must reload after use)
Punch +3 atk | 1d6+2 dmg
Powers: call for backup (25% success, summons 1d4+1 modern henchmen)
Skills: listen -2, spot +2
Treasure: wallet containing money (1d4-1 x 100 units of currency), security ID badge, and radio earpiece


Individual Clichés
Amateur bird-watcher (1), Pupil of the “spray ‘n’ pray” firing methodology (2), Bouncer-turned-henchman (3)

Grunt Squad Cliché
Armed, angry crowd with really bad aim (4)


Threat Rating: 12
Hits per Round: 1

Chi: 3
Traits: Call for Backup (5), Tough Guy (4), Hail of Bullets (3)

The Window

The modern henchman has…
… average Strength (d12)
… average Agility (d12)
… above average Endurance (d10)
… simple Knowledge (d20)
… experienced Perception (d10)
The modern henchman is…
… not a good shot (d20)
… reliable in a brawl (d10)
… loyal to the big boss (d8)
The modern henchman carries…
… submachine gun and ammo
… security ID badge
… radio earpiece
… cash

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