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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Six-Word Sparks VI: Banditry

If fetch quests aren't cliché enough for your fantasy game, might I recommend adding some bandits?

Bandits are common in fantasy RPGs because they're an easy target of "bad people making bad choices who need to be punished." They also fit equally well in low- or high-fantasy games, and they can be a plausible threat and almost any level.

Six-Word Sparks

1. Merchant puts bounty on bandit archers.
2. Hobgoblins on wyverns kidnap royal magister.
3. Elf noblewoman accused: infamous Mithral Bandit.
4. Known bandit selling magic shield. Whose?
5. New airship draws crowds (and bandits).
6. Retiring bandit sells poisons and maps.
7. Bandit queen claims region as queendom.
8. Dwarves raid human communities for slaves.
9. Prisoner facing execution disappears, reunites bandits.
10. Temple burns; new gang claims responsibility.

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