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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Elf Weapons

Elves, they're everywhere. Love 'em or hate 'em, if you are involved in the RPG hobby, you can't avoid 'em. Personally, I think elves have their place in some settings. The Tolkienian elves can be interesting with the right backdrop, and less aloof elves can have a significant impact on a settings politics.

But if you've got elves, chances are they're fair handy with a bow and arrow, and probably with a blade, too. And it's usually safe to assume that your elves are masters of the arcane (or perhaps a more natural magic). So, elf + (swords, bows) + magic = treasure!

Magical Elf Bows

1. Whispershaft – Creatures hit by arrows from the bow are magically muted
2. Longdraw – The bow is useless against targets closer than 600 feet, but excellent beyond that
3. Eagle's Talon – Arrows fired from the bow pierce armor
4. Melody's Chorus – When fired, the bow emits a haunting note
5. Featherstrike – Arrows bury themselves in the target up to the fletching
6. Eternal Is the Pain – Arrows splinter as they enter the target

Magical Elf Swords

1. Whiteedge – Formed from a dragon's talon, it drips milky acid
2. Orcrender – A serrated sword with a thirst for orcish blood
3. Starglint – In starlight, the steel glows with inner power
4. Bite of the North Wind – A steel blade always coated with deadly frost
5. Sound of the Tiger's Roar – A short black sword that disorients its targets
6. Fang of the Forest – A curved sword whose wielder can command plants
7. Illiana's Vengeance – A fiery sword that burns hotter as it nears its goal
8. Lightning-on-earth – Blinding sparks crackle along a thin silver blade

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