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Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Encounters: Cyberpunk Bar

This post continues my new random encounters series in which I present three tables. By rolling on each of these tables, you can generate a random encounter for a specific genre in a specific environment. Today's tables are for a bar somewhere in a gritty cyberpunk city.


1. Corrupt peace officer
2. Corporate executive who is high/drunk/not in her right mind
3. Pusher with a brand new batch of product
4. Professional pickpocket
5. Down-on-her-luck hacker
6. Street tough with a chip on her shoulder

Environment feature

1. There was a fight minutes ago, and the floor is still covered in alcohol, blood, and broken glass
2. The bar is virtually empty of patrons
3. The bar is packed with rowdy sports fans drinking and singing at the tops of their lungs
4. The bar is brightly lit and spotless
5. The pool table is busted, but there's a whole row of pool cues lined up against the wall
6. There's a dance floor smack in the middle of the room and an old-fashioned jukebox in the corner


1. The bartender's arm transforms into a heavy-duty shotgun and he tells you to get out
2. There's a blackout, disabling the lights and the security grid in the bar
3. Corporate security goons burst in to capture/kill a specific target
4. The creature is revealed to be an android in disguise
5. The back wall flickers momentarily, revealing that it is just a projected hologram
6. An explosion from the kitchen rocks the whole bar

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