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Thursday, March 19, 2015

One-Line Rewards: Magic Rings

One-line rewards are unique and interesting magic item summaries. The goal is for them to be usable in any system. More mechanically complex systems will require additional details and clarifications, but the basic idea is outlines in a single line (usually around 140 characters).

Today I'm throwing out some ideas for one of the hallmarks of fantasy settings: the magic ring.

One-Line Rewards

1. Amber Ring: A small ring made entirely of amber. It glows faintly, and the wearer can conjure a small, floating orb of light.
2. Steel Ring: A thin, metal ring covered in intricate runes. The wearer can call any weapon in sight to his/her hand with a word.
3. Emerald Band: A gold ring set with seven tiny emeralds. Each emerald holds the oath and bond of a powerful fae.
4. Mammoth Ring: A ring of fur and leather. The wearer can double in size and strength for 1 minute, but the ring never shrinks back.

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