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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mook Box I

Merriam-Webster defines a mook as a "foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person."

I define a mook as an enemy that serves as a buffer between the PCs and the antagonist they care about.

Call them minions, henchmen, cannon fodder.  Whatever you call them, any action game needs them.  Since I myself run through them so often, I decided to create a stock box of mooks that I could pull from, no matter what system I was running.

I've only set up four systems to start, but it's not like I'm generally running a dozen different game systems at the same time, anyway.


d20 System

HP: 14 | Ref: +5 | Fort: -1 | Will: +1
AC: 15 (Flatfooted: 12 | Touch: 13)
Speed: 30 ft. (Climb: 15 ft.)
Wakizashi +5 atk | 1d6+1 dmg | 19-20x2
- Deathvine sap poison (injury, 1d10+1 dmg vs. Fort DC 13)
Throwing stars +2/+2 atk | 1d4+1 dmg | 15 ft.
Powers: Smoke pellet (50% conceal for 1 round)
Skills: hide +4, move silently +6, jump +6, balance +4, tumble +6
Treasure: 1d6 pp, 1 dose of deathvine sap poison, and an assassin’s contract


Individual Cliches: Bouncy-trouncy acrobatics (3), LOVES throwing poison shuriken (3)

Grunt Squad: Ineffective team which attacks one by one (2)

Wushu Open

Threat Rating: 20
Hits per Round: 1

As a Nemesis
Chi: 2
Trait: Shadowy Assassin (4), Acrobatic Thief (5), Wire-Fu Warrior (3)

The Window

Ninja has…
… average Strength (d12)
… impressive Agility (d8)
… below average Health (d20)
… average Knowledge (d12)
… above average Perception (d10)
Ninja is…
… very stealthy (d8)
… a deadly assassin (d10)
… unnerving in conversation (d20)
Ninja carries…
… a wakizashi
… many shuriken
… deathvine sap poison
… a contract

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