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Thursday, March 5, 2015

One-Line Rewards: Modern Magic II

I've discussed modern magical items before, and in that post I said that one option was to turn ordinary objects magical.  But I also mentioned a second option (which I called the Warehouse 13 method, though it fits the bill for "Beethoven was an alien spy") in which you take famous early-modern people and make the items around them magical.  The examples I gave were Jesse James's gun, Houdini's wand, and John Lennon's glasses.

Today, those are exactly the kind of magic items I'm going to present.  Roll on the table below, add an arcane historian NPC or a neo-templar secret society, have your players create some men and women in black sunglasses, and you're ready to play!

One-Line Rewards

1. Calamity: A battered Winchester rifle that belonged to Calamity Jane. Bullets fired from this gun can kill skinwalkers.
2. Irreversible Watch: A brass pocketwatch worn by Winston Churchill. The owner can go forward in time (but not back) by up to 12 hours.
3. Inkling Pen: A black fountain pen used by Tolkien and Lewis. Spells written with this pen can be invoked by anyone.
4. Scarface Coin: The coin used by actor George Raft in Scarface (1932). Flipping this coin can reverse any just-made decision.
5. Blackstone Wand: A black, white-tipped wand made and used by Harry Blackstone, Sr. The wand can move objects by levitation.
6. The Blessed Bat: A signed baseball bat used by Jackie Robinson. The bat is imbued with runes of banishment and destruction.

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