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Monday, March 30, 2015

One-Line Rewards: The Sentinel

Today's one-line rewards (those are magic item descriptions in around 140 characters) are themed around a sort of fantasy superhero NPC concept. They weren't intended that way, and I didn't even make these at the same time. But going through my lists, these stood out to me as though they were part of a set.

One-Line Rewards

1. The Red Necklace: A necklace made out of red glass beads. Anyone who wears it can use it to hear ten seconds into the future.
2. Owlkin Helm: A helm made of lightweight bones woven together with feathers. The wearer has nightvision and farsight.
3. Warrior’s Cloak: A heavy cloth cloak stitched with small steel plates. The wearer can command it to transform into banded armor.
4. Marble Buckler: A small, smooth shield, white with swirls of grey. When slammed down, it transforms into a thick marble wall.
5. The Golden Horn: A yellow horn banded with steel. Blowing the horn calms, reassures, and lightens the hearts of all who hear it.
6. Beryl Pike: A leather-bound pike with a translucent blue blade. The wielder does not age, but cannot cross running water.

The Sentinel

This fantasy superhero—the NPC who wields all of these items—would be like the official champion of some metropolis, and I almost instantly settled on the name Sentinel. He or she would patrol the streets, using the Red Necklace and the Owlkin Helm to see and hear trouble before it gets out of hand. And the Marble Buckler and the Warrior's Cloak can fit an agile warrior or a steadfast defender. While the Golden Horn would be useful to call and bolster other guards. What really drew it all together in my mind was the Beryl Pike. To me, its abilities bring to mind someone who must guard a specific area interminably, whether by choice or not.

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