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Friday, March 6, 2015

Six-Word Sparks V: Science Fiction

This blog is fairly heavily dominated by fantasy content. There are lots of orcs, wizards, and dragons floating among the numerous tables. But I like to take a break from that, occasionally, and when I am in the mood for a good space opera or dying Earth game, I may not have time to come up with a whole adventure to play out.

Luckily, I have my handy-dandy six-word sparks at hand. And today's are sci-fi themed for all your robot/laser/starship needs.

Six-Word Sparks

1. New intergalactic starship's secret fuel: blood.
2. Interstellar merchants sell energy cheaply. Why?
3. Bounty hunter seeks spurned alien lover.
4. Android scientist uncovers new spatial dimension.
5. Solar winds vex disoriented refugee caravans.
6. Inhabited aquatic planet's oceans evaporating rapidly.
7. Star vanishes; worlds begin freezing, drifting.
8. Enormous ship tows away entire planet.
9. Laser weapons malfunctioning throughout star system.
10. Sub-ether information network gains sentience.

(And if you need encounter ideas for any of these sci-fi adventures, check out this old post with random spaceport encounters.)

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