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Thursday, March 26, 2015

More Adventure Sites

I thoroughly enjoyed whipping up a couple of adventure sites yesterday, so today I thought I'd share some more. These are distinctly science fiction sites, although there's a bit of fantasy mixed in for good measure.

Derelict Starship Atira

Location: About 2 days from the nearest merchant starport
Areas: The cargo bay, the bridge, the engine room, the living quarters
NPCs: Stewart (damaged AI program), 6-LT8 (possessed automaton)
Obstacles: The crane in the cargo bay "malfunctions" near intruders, the engine room is full of live wires and ready-to-burst steam pipes, 6-LT8 is hiding in the living quarters waiting to attack any creatures of flesh
Rewards: A crate of info crystals are hidden in Atira's cargo bay, a starchart in the bridge indicates a planet not found on standard starcharts, the keystone gear in 6-LT8 is flooded with demonic energy
Hook: Stewart's confused and scared voice echoes across the emergency frequency, asking for help in broken sentences

Smuggler's Hideout

Location: Behind an unmarked door down a dark corridor in the starport
Areas: The lounge, the storage room, the hangar
NPCs: Ton s'Kar (red-skinned gangster), Mora Hallon (corrupt customs officer), Jan Matson (rookie security guard)
Obstacles: The lounge is filled dangerous smugglers, Mora and Ton (both armed) are in the hangar, the storage room has an advanced locking mechanism
Rewards: The storage room contains illicit trade goods, the hangar has a Jump-class single-occupant rocket (assuming Ton doesn't escape in it)
Hook: Jan accidentally leads the PCs into the hideout while he's looking for a backup scanner to verify the PCs' credentials

Quarantined Restaurant

Location: Across the street from the PCs' accommodations
Areas: The bar, the kitchen, the basement
NPCs: Felk Whince (trapped chef)
Obstacles: Quick-growing fungus covers most surfaces in the bar, a fire is beginning to spread in the kitchen, Felk is trapped beneath a fungus-covered icebox, a spore-spreading mound with acidic tentacles lurks in the basement
Rewards: Felk Whince has important information to share if he can be rescued, a sample of the lurker from the basement would be worth a lot of money in the wrong hands
Hook: The restaurant was recommended to the PCs by a trusted friend or colleague recently (before it became quarantined)

Abandoned Mining Facility

Location: On a small asteroid a few days from the space station
Areas: The hangar, the barracks, the supervisor's office, the micro-refinery, the mineshafts
NPCs: ODM-7 (security AI)
Obstacles: ODM-7 will attempt to repel unauthorized ships that approach the asteroid, the supervisor's office is locked and barricaded, the superheated automatons wander around the micro-refinery, a predatory aura lurks in the shadows of the mineshafts
Rewards: The refined ore in the micro-refinery is valuable, a black metal box deep in the mineshaft defies all scanning techniques
Hook: An AI specialist at the space station is looking for someone to track down and bring back the personality matrix of ODM-7

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