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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Random Encounters V: Urban Fantasy Slums

This is part of my new random encounters series in which I create three tables that you mix and match to create a random encounter for a specific genre in a specific environment. This one is for urban fantasy games, and specifically for the slums of a large city.


1. A ravenous wolfman (not a werewolf) digging through a trash bin
2. Mischievous fairies disguised as street urchins
3. A hoodoo shaman selling talismans and charms from the shadows
4. A glowing will-o'-the-wisp
5. Three vampire mind slaves armed with baseball bats
6. A djinn bound to a plastic Coke bottle

Environment feature

1. The street lights here flicker on and off during the encounter
2. The pavement is slick with rain and rotting garbage
3. Two ley lines cross here, boosting magical powers
4. Unfinished construction work has left an open pit into the sewers
5. The ground is littered with shattered glass
6. Abandoned cars provide cover


1. A car of lizard-skinned gang members does a drive-by
2. A mortal beat cop arrives and demands to know what's going on
3. The creature draws a knife that glows with deadly runes
4. An anti-magic task force descends with spotlights and riot gear
5. A winged devil appears to sell its services to the highest bidder
6. A shadow darkens the area as a dragon begins to circle overhead

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