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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Adventure Sites

Sometimes the plot gets stuck, or the players just aren't interested in following up on their leads. They just want to go have an adventure, kill some bad guys, and get some treasure.

Here are a couple of bare-bones adventure sites for those times. Just drop them into your fantasy setting and use the hook to draw the players' attention.

Balen's Farm

Location: 5 miles from the nearest settlement
Areas: The house, the barn, and the cellar
NPCs: Widow Balen (determined mother), Erich (honest son), Marian (gifted daughter), Kurt (hired hand), Mart Balen (zombified father)
Obstacles: Two dozen zombies are besieging the house, Kurt is summoning a bone devil in the cellar, the corpse of Mart Balen is trapped in the barn
Rewards: Widow Balen has nothing to give, but Erich offers his father's sword and Marian can weave a long-lived blessing
Hook: A green flare sent up from the house can be seen from the road

Glittering Tomb

Location: Beneath a holy temple in the heart of the city
Areas: The hidden entrance, the chamber of tribute, the sarcophagus, the pit
NPCs: Malfé the Obsidian Sorcerer (dangerous spectre)
Obstacles: The entrance is sealed by magical glyphs, the chamber of tribute is guarded by living statues, Malfé guards his sarcophagus with ancient spells, the pit is home to a dormant slime beast
Rewards: Malfé's sarcophagus contains his Golden Wand and the tribute chamber has a hidden trapdoor where the tributes of past visitors are stored
Hook: A dropped coin rolls beneath a wall and can be heard echoing down the secret staircase that leads to the hidden entrance

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