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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Campaign Sparks IV

Here's another campaign spark, 100-150 words that describe a setting, a conflict, a handful of NPCs, the stakes, and a twist. You can use these details to generate an entire campaign. This particular one is set in the Star Wars universe, but it's not attached to any system and you could easily sub out the Star Wars elements for your own space opera fluff.

Rebellion: Shadow War

Early in the Rebel Alliance, the hyperspace Datanet in the core of Coruscant reaches across the galaxy. The Datanet is policed by Imperial Intelligence, communications are monitored, and the Rebellion is being smothered, unable to recruit online.

Commander Surk (Human) is in charge of policing the Datanet for Rebels and sympathizers. Sekai Tanel (Mon Calamari) is a hacker crime lord. Engas Darv (Bith) is a weapons engineer on the run from the Empire. Bans ni Mikar (Human) is an officer of the Coruscant Planetary Police.

Soon, the Datanet will be so restricted that the Rebellion will fall apart. But the Datanet is old—very old—and if Imperials, Rebels, or criminals change it too much, it will activate its ancient defense systems: an enormous robot army hidden in a hyperspace pocket.

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