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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mook Box III: Killer Robots

Out of my mook box, I pull out another common enemy: the killer robot.

The killer robot is the perfect minion of the alien overlords, the mad scientists, and (if you give it an arcane or steampunk flair) the diabolical sorcerer.

Killer robot

D20 System

HP: 34 | Ref: -3 | Fort: n/a | Will: +6
AC: 16 (Flatfooted: 16 | Touch: 7)
Speed: 20 ft.
Fist of steel +8 atk | 2d8+4 
Raygun +1 atk | 4d6 fire dmg | 60 ft. | x3
- Limb disintegration (Fort DC 14)
Powers: DR 5/adamantium
Skills: knowledge (logic) +10
Vulnerabilities: illogical thought (as confusion for 1 round), magnetization (Will DC 16 or 4d6 dmg)
Treasure: high-frequency energy core


Individual Clichés
Logical precision (2), Strength of steel (4)

Grunt Squad Cliché
Merciless automaton death squad who think and act as one (11)


Threat Rating: 24
Hits per Round: 2

Chi: 3
Traits: Retro-Future Plasti-Steel Body (5), Nuclear-Powered Raygun (4), Vacuum-Tube Brain (3)

The Window

The killer robot has…
… inexorable Strength (d6)
… stiff, clunky Agility (d20)
… steel-reinforced Endurance (d10)
… instant and infallible Cunning (d8)
… electronic Perception (d10)
The killer robot is…
… a deathless automaton (d12)
… precise with a raygun (d8)
… susceptible to magnets (d30)
The killer robot carries…
… a partly charged heat-ray emitter
… a high-frequency energy core

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