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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Unique Monsters, Part 2

Yesterday I made a quick post about Unique Monsters™ in which I listed a handful of creatures you won't find in a manual of monsters or book of beasts. But I also described a method of creating Unique Monsters™ of your own using a simple method. Combine the physical forms of two different monsters, and add the special ability of a third monster.

So today, instead of just giving you another list of Unique Monsters™, I'm going to give you three lists that you can use to make your own beasts!

Body Form

1. Dragon (any color)
2. Troll
3. Medusa
4. Spider
5. Wolf
6. Hawk
7. Bear
8. Demon/Angel

Body Type

1. Made of stone
2. Covered in spines
3. Made of acidic slime
4. Skeletal
5. Incorporeal
6. Mechanical
7. All limbs separate from and hovering near torso
8. Roll twice and combine

Special Ability

1. Aura of electricity and lightning attack
2. Command of plants
3. Can grow to enormous size
4. Deadly shriek
5. Psychic blast
6. Hypnotism and mental command
7. Drains life with a touch
8. Can animate shadows

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