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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Random Encounters: Modern Jungle

Today's random encounter tables take us deep into the jungle. Myth and superstition have no place in the modern world, but that doesn't mean that danger can't lurk in the shadows.


1. Armed revolutionaries
2. Panther on the hunt
3. Zoologic expedition
4. Gigantic constrictor snake
5. A massive swarm of hungry mosquitos
6. A lone nature documentary filmmaker

Environment feature

1. A raging river crashes through a rocky ravine
2. The entrance to an unexplored temple
3. Long, low-hanging vines fill the area
4. A muddy sinkhole
5. Poachers' traps are hidden everywhere
6. The trees are so thick the whole area is drenched in shadow


1. Crashing sounds announce the arrival of a massive logging truck
2. Government soldiers arrive in banged-up jeeps
3. Thunder shakes the trees as a hurricane blows in
4. Poison dart frogs start leaping past in huge numbers
5. The keening sound of an injured animal echoes from nearby
6. An American black ops team arrives in a sleek black helicopter

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