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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Unique Monsters

Do elementals exhaust you? Are you tired of trolls? Does the idea of dealing with dragons drain you? Then you need to add some Unique Monsters™ to your roster!

A Unique Monster™ is one that brings not only a fresh sight to your table, but also fresh abilities. But if the idea of coming up with these kind of monsters from scratch is intimidating or fatiguing, I suggest creating a quick patchwork of existing beasties. Take the form of one monster, mash it up with the form of another monster, and add the ability of a third monster. Voila! Something new and fresh for your table.

And speaking of tables...

Unique Monster

1. Half-elf, half-orc mage-knight mercenary
2. Blind albino black dragon
3. Blue half-dragon storm giant lich
4. Ooze dragon
5. Glass half-dragon succubus
6. Vampire beholder
7. Golden bear
8. Ash elemental

You may recall a similar table from back in February, this one is related to that one. Literally related, in fact, in the case of the glass dragon and the glass half-dragon succubus.

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