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Friday, April 3, 2015

NPC Vault: Dwarves

When your players insist on talking to those dwarves drinking in the corner, what do you do? You don't know anything about them; you just made them up as you were describing the tavern. You could try to patch them together using a handful of random tables, or you could just start making things up on the fly. Those methods work for some GMs, but not for everyone.

Enter the NPC vault. A list of NPCs organized by race that includes enough cohesive and coherent detail to at least get started.

Today's additions to the NPC vault are dwarves. Whether you find them drinking in the tavern, standing guard duty outside a vast underground city, wandering the lightless tunnels deep in goblin territory, or hammering away on an anvil, these dwarves won't let you down.


1. Ardomas Deepstone is a male dwarf. He is a brewer who specializes in mushroom beer, and he is a glutton for his own drink. Ardomas is trying to gather enough money to buy his sister from giant slavers.
2. Kortryna Breakhammer is a female dwarf. She is an explorer and never backs down from a fight. Kortryna is hoping to find the lost smithy of her grandmother.
3. Tatirana Brighthelm is a female dwarf. She is a master chef and loathes the darkness. Tatirana wants to travel in elf lands and collect the rarest of herbs and spices.
4. Vrilis Durinson is a male dwarf with celestial lineage. He is a scholar and cannot tolerate those less intelligent than he is. Vrilis is searching ancient dwarf laws in the hope that his celestial ancestry will grant him some special political station.
5. Linras Longshield is a male dwarf. He is a doughty warrior and follows orders almost too well. Linras wants to earn the highest military merit in dwarf culture.
6. Ingra Goldenbristles is a female dwarf. She is a princess and politician who feigns naïveté to disguise her brilliance. Ingra is desperately trying to foster peace among all dwarf clans.

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