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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rural Quests

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a list of villages and the oddities you could drop into those villages. But what if you want a normal village with normal people and normal problems? Maybe you're trying to make your world feel alive, maybe your PCs are level 0 and are off on their first quest (no matter how trivial it may seem), or maybe you're just using this as an opportunity to introduce people and places so that you can hold them hostage or destroy them later.

No matter your purpose, these tables are for you! The first two tables will randomly generate a plausible village name, and the third will give you a seemingly innocuous quest, which you can leave as is or fill with danger and excitement.

Village (part 1)

1. Stone-
2. Wood-
3. Wheat-
4. Gold-
5. Silver-
6. River-
7. Hill-
8. Black-
9. Iron-
10. Kings-
11. Queens-
12. East-

Village (part 2)

1. -hold
2. -bury
3. -ton
4. -field
5. -way
6. -burrough
7. -shire
8. -water
9. -ham
10. -ford
11. -port
12. -vale

Peasant Quest

1. Rescue 2d6 stranded sheep
2. Tend to an injured horse
3. Help bring in the harvest before the cold ruins it all
4. Find the chicken thief
5. Build a barn by nightfall
6. Fill the box with firewood
7. Calm the rampaging bull
8. Find 1d4 missing cows

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