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Thursday, April 16, 2015

One-Line Rewards: Miscellaneous

Today's collection of tweet-length magical items is a pretty random assortment. Usually, I try to unite a handful with a theme, but sometimes you really just want a random magical item. In that case, this is the table for you.

One-Line Rewards

1. Armadillo Armor: A suit of flexible grey armor. The wearer can hunch into an impenetrable shell.
2. Meteor Morningstar: A scarlet morningstar with a bronze head. The head can be launched and explodes like a fireball.
3. Cap of Comfort: A green cloth cap. The wearer is always able to remain calm, no matter the situation.
4. Scroll of Illumination: A short scroll with gold writing. It can be pressed against a surface, where it sticks and glows like a torch.
5. Tablet of Ska'Ket: A palm-sized sandstone tablet. The holder can summon forth the rushing power of the river.
6. Morten's Char: A thin charcoal pencil. The user can write a physical property on an object to give it that property.

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