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Friday, April 10, 2015

Modern Minions

You may recall that I pulled out the Modern Henchman from the mook box about a month ago. That's a great minion for the sort of default supervillain, criminal mastermind, or evil busisnesswoman, but it can certainly become repetitive. And besides repetition, there are plenty of modern villains for whom Uzi-toting suits would make no sense. Furthermore, giving your present-day baddie a more distinct group of underlings makes her stand out more to your players.

In that light, I present a table of various types of modern minions (including a few suggested pieces of gear).

Modern henchmen

1. Teenage street gangsters (wad of $5 bills, cheap revolver, smart phone)
2. Ex-black ops mercenaries (M4 rifle with thermal scope, black Kevlar vest, radio earpiece)
3. Corporate flunkies (TASER, walkie-talkie, security ID badge)
4. Professional bodyguards (handgun, radio earpiece, sunglasses)
5. Foreign hackers (encrypted laptop, fake ID, unencrypted USB loaded with a virus)
6. Semi-professional MMA fighters (brass knuckles, leather jacket, matchbook from local bar)
7. Redneck "good ol' boys" (shotgun, bottle of moonshine, keys to a pick-up truck)
8. Escaped convicts (knife, cheap cell phone, stolen wallet)
9. Rent-a-cop security guards (pepper spray, baton, walkie-talkie)
10. Misguided angry mob (shovels, ropes, brooms)

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