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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NPC Vault: Half-Orcs

Half-orcs run the gamut from D&D's "the poor man's orc" to Tolkien's Übermensch uruk-hai. Personally, I use half-orcs frequently in my games because they fall nicely between the "civilized" and "savage" races, and that makes them excellent tipping points one way or the other.

So today, I'm adding a half-dozen half-orcs to the NPC vault.


1. Crimson is a male half-orc. He is a mercenary warrior-priest and obsessively cleans his armor and weaponry. Crimson offers to heal his foes if they convert to the worship of his god.
2. Serrate is a female half-orc. She is the leader of a small village and hoards food. Serrate wants to turn her village into a trading town.
3. Axiom is a male half-orc. He is an inventor and hates his orcish parentage. Axiom is struggling to invent the perfect automaton.
4. Scythe is a female half-orc. She is an assassin and has a dry sense of humor. Scythe is trying to gather blackmail information on her former employers.
5. Mace is a male half-orc. He is a merchant who hides his orcish features and talks with an affected high-class accent. Mace is looking to make contact with the thieves' guild and fence their goods.
6. Indigo is a female half-orc. She is hedgewizard's apprentice and curses frequently and fluently in orcish. Indigo is plotting to take vengeance against the Arcane College for rejecting her.

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