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Saturday, April 25, 2015


Dragons are the end-all be-all of the fantasy genre, for good or ill, and lots of players dream of facing up to a dragon, even if they never reach the high levels or tiers of power. And even players with high-powered PCs might relish a good encounter with a dragon now and then.

Today, I'm going to present a few short dragon ideas for various stages of PC power. In the future, I plan to go into detail for each dragon (probably using the d20 system).


Senswhillik the Vast

Senswhillik is an enormous, dark blue dragon that lives in a desert canyon. She spends much of her time sleeping in the sun, like a titanic housecat, but when she is roused she is as deadly as a storm.

Brinilak Dorduna

Brinilak is quite small for a green dragon, though young as he is his draconic intellect and reasoning skills are still at least equal to that of an average adult human. He is teaching himself to master the powers of nature, and he soon expects to be able to leave his cave and plunder the nearby towns.

Ordax Gardith aka "Devourer of the Sixth Sea"

Ordax is a monstrous red dragon who lives in a cliffside cave overlooking a barren valley. The valley was once a large inland sea, but the legend is that Ordax drank the whole sea up in order to plunder the many merchant ships at his leisure.

Harkog Deathless

Harkog is a large, but skeletally thin, blue dragon. She has mastered many magical arts, and is rumored to have developed a serum to grant eternal life. Her lair is hidden in a labyrinthian series of craggy canyons, and she only rarely ventures forth for food and arcane resources.

The Wandering Plague

The Wandering Plague is a sinuous black dragon priest of the goddess of disease. He has no permanent lair, preferring to travel the lands and take temporary residence in fetid swamps and urban sewers. He believes that the spread of disease empowers his deity and that he will be granted great power of his own for being the emissary of her power.

Ixallikan of the Lightning Peaks

Ixallkian is a small, but incredibly cunning, white dragon who lairs among the deadly Lightning Peaks. Many years ago she mastered the zen arts, making her far deadlier than other dragons of her size. So great is her ability that they say she dodges the very lightning itself, making her lair at the top of the peaks among the deadliest storms.

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