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Monday, April 13, 2015

Wild Elemental Creatures

I'm getting ready to start a campaign in which the natural elements of the world will play a serious role, so ways in which I can tie the elements into the world have been on my mind. Today, I've been thinking about how to incorporate the elements in creature encounters without defaulting to the standard elemental monsters from published materials.

The first table of creatures has a specific aesthetic, but you could just as easily pull from the bestiary or tome of monsters that you use and roll on just the Elemental Aura table.


1. A majestic lion with white fur and a silver mane
2. A ratlike humanoid with a long tail
3. A sleek, red fox with three tails
4. A human warrior with the head of a wolf
5. A graceful crane with glowing eyes
6. A bear-sized badger wearing clothes

Elemental Aura

1. A whirling vortex of wind surrounds the creature
2. Smoke puffs from its mouth and fire wreathes its head
3. Nearby water freezes and the air takes a dangerous chill
4. The earth trembles beneath its feet, as though ready to rise up
5. Plants sprout up wherever it stands, grasping at feet and legs
6. Iron and steel bend away as the creature approaches
7. The sky darkens and thunder rumbles
8. Roll twice and combine (ignore this result for the two new rolls)

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