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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Legendary Dwarf Treasures

Dwarves, masters of stone and steel, are smiths of high renown and doughty warriors. In their ancient past, they were even greater smiths and warriors, using precious materials no longer available and wielding mighty tools that are far beyond the skill of today's greatest crafters.

Legendary Dwarf Treasures

1. Onyx Crest: This black emblem is carved with only a single dwarf rune: power. The holder of the crest must first prove her worth, and once she has done so, the crest grants her strength, endurance, and mental fortitude to match the pinnacle of dwarvenkind.
2. Dwarfgold Sword: This heavy two-edged blade is made of dwarfgold. Its yellow metal is tinged with blue and glows softly at all times. It will neither bend nor break, and its edges are eversharp. There are precious few of these weapons, and all are blessed by ancient dwarf warrior-priests to cleave through bone and steel with a single stroke.
3. Dwarven Pearls: This wide, silver necklace is strung with seven starglint diamonds, often called "dwarven pearls" by outsiders. These diamonds are among the most precious of all dwarf jewels. They are valued for their inherent magical property: the ability to rebound magical spells. The wearer has sevenfold protection against magic cast by anyone but herself.
4. Harod's Plate: This black and white metal chestplate is too wide for all but the burliest frame. Any who can wear the heavy armor is encased in a shell of nigh-impenetrable protection. This armor is a masterpiece of dwarven smithcraft; it is forged of adamant and mithral, woven together by ancient fire, dwarf sinew, and the lost art of metalsong.

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