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Saturday, April 4, 2015

One-Line Rewards: Knives

As you probably well know by now, one-line rewards are magic items described in around 140 characters. They're easy to digest, easy to create, and easy to modify for specific systems and settings. Today's treasures are knives of varying sorts.

One-Line Rewards

1. Barrow Knife: A bone-handled knife. Its blade glows with sepulchral light when undead are near.
2. Dragon Eye Knife: A silver knife with a blue gem on its pommel. The blue gem allows the wielder to hypnotize creatures.
3. Dwarven Rune Knife: A wide, grey-bladed knife. The blade is enchanted so that it can cut stone as easily as cloth.
4. Goblin Gutter Knife: A straight, slim knife with a white blade. Anyone it wounds is stricken with a deadly disease: filthfire.
5. Sun Shard: A knife with a conical blade and no crosshilt. It can burn with sunfire, but the knife dissolves 24 hours later.
6. Astaroth’s Last Gasp: A pale knife with a jagged blade. It links the life-force of its wielder to that of its latest target.

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