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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Six-Word Sparks VIII: Magical Mysteries

A six-word spark is a phrase that cuts to the core of an adventure idea, defining it by its most important elements. Limiting it to six words is intended to prevent the spark from developing into a full story before the players get involved (and it also keeps the GM from putting too much work into something that may never see the light of day).

I've previously posted a set of six-word sparks for mysteries, but, in a fantasy setting, the realm of mystery opens up even further when magic is involved. Not only does magic complicate normal crimes and mysteries, but it creates the possibility of a whole new set of mysteries, like today's six-word sparks.

Six-Word Sparks

1. Metallic plague turns steel to dust.
2. Black stag seen, local nightmares intensify.
3. Bulls begin transforming into unhappy minotaurs.
4. Illness sweeps land, victims become elves.
5. Strange disease changing man into tree.
6. The village vanishes, replaced by trees.
7. Town statue vanishes and locusts return.
8. Each night, the forest moves closer.
9. Sage's library disappears overnight; nixies suspected.
10. Magic seed sprouts overnight, leads up.

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