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Monday, May 4, 2015

One-Line Rewards: Primitive Magic

Today I've got some more one-line rewards to share. Those are interesting magic item summaries in around 140 characters. My original plan was for these magic items to fit into any system, so I leave out mechanical details. The basic idea is to outline the magic item in a single line and let GMs design the mechanics for their systems.

This group of magic items fit well in a game of low-tech magic. They come from a world of stone, bone, and blood.

One-Line Rewards

1. Ember Knife: A black, stone knife lined with glowing orange fissures. With a strong breath of air, it will burn bright and hot.
2. Shaman’s Mace: A willow branch topped with a snake’s skull. It's held together by enchantments, and it burns with soulfire.
3. Skald’s Cup: A crude, clay cup. Whoever drinks from the cup after sunset gains the gift of fair speech until dawn.
4. Scarred Talon: On a leather necklace, a 4-inch yellowed talon with scratches along it. The talon opens a window into the Underworld.
5. Trollward Amulet: A thumb-sized piece of amber glowing with inner fire. It can repel trolls and trollish creatures with a word.
6. The Spotted Stone: A rough, fist-sized, grey rock with 7 yellow spots. The rock’s owner has unbelievably good luck.

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