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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Six-Word Sparks IV: Monstrous Encounters

Last time, I laid out some six-word sparks for designing adventures around people.  Before that, I focused on mysteries.  And those are all well and good.  Yes, six-word sparks can be used to generate interesting social and investigative scenarios, but they can also be perfect for setting up a more straightforward monster bash.

Six words is enough for one or two types of monsters, an action they're taking, and a target, victim, or location.  That encompasses more than 90% of the high-fantasy adventures I've GMed and played in.  It's nice to get outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes you just want to fight some monsters.

Six-Word Sparks

1. Scorpionfolk below city plan solstice invasion.
2. Cockatrice accidentally hatched at chicken festival.
3. Dead in three graveyards grow restless.
4. Goblins riding flying bats terrorize countryside.
5. Giants seeking slaves descend from clouds.
6. One-eyed ogre mage seeks revenge.
7. Stone dragon arrives, demands refined iron.
8. Fiery snakeman commands savage ogre raiders.
9. Two-headed giant joins manticore pack.
10. Sphinx appears in city, demands mayorship.

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