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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ship Names

Ship names are kind of like tavern names; they can set the mood, reinforce setting history, and be funny.

But with ship names, they have to be even more. In a ship-based campaign (sea ship, starship, airship, lavaship, etc.), players are going to be referring to the ship frequently. The ship is likely to be their home, their biggest investment, and maybe even a weapon. They'll probably be spending resources to repair and improve the ship.

Right now, I'm working on a multi-part table that will allow you to generate unique ship names in a flash. Until that's finished, though, here are 20 ship names to grace your harbors, ports, and stations.

Fantasy Ships

1. Foamskimmer
2. Zephyrous
3. Widow's Bounty
4. Pride of the Fleet
5. Sunset Jewel
6. Deep Breath
7. Old Sea Dog
8. Reefrunner
9. Mighty Pike
10. Ferryman's Price

Science-Fiction Ships

1. Durendal
2. Envision
3. Mathias
4. Nova Slayer
5. Wind of Neptune
6. Ursa Shine
7. Orion's Pride
8. Quantum Crest
9. Stellar Narwhal
10. Bonzai Spring

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