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Friday, February 13, 2015

Six-Word Sparks III: People

Six-word sparks (as I've said before) embody the heart of an adventure idea without laying out too many details.  Each spark could generate countless adventures, though the base concept is the same.

My preferred six-word spark (currently) focuses on people and/or their relationships.  This way, the adventure can take place in and among other campaign events.

Six-Word Sparks

1. Lonely minstrel seeks to woo Queen.
2. Gnoll chief to wed harpy matriarch.
3. Duke refuses marriage, at the altar!
4. Intelligent badger society feuding with halflings.
5. Royals vanish, dukes compete for kingship.
6. Wounded soldier returns from battle, alone.
7. Barbarian tribe seeks enlightenment from Academy.
8. Flying jester harasses town with puns.
9. Ogre disguised as bear, avoiding adventurers.
10. Iron golem gains sentience, becomes wizard.

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