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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Outlaw Names

The clamor of raucous poker games, the pungency of stale sweat, the burning of cheap whiskey, the dull heat of midday, and the flash of gunfire beneath the zenith sun.  Gaming in the American Old West (or some version of it) brings a deep pleasure to many gamers.  It is so heavily ingrained into American consciousness (and into the image of America in other nations) that to pick up a six-shooter and ride into the sunset fulfills some inner cultural nostalgia for many.  It must be how the Greeks felt telling stories of Ajax, Agamemnon, and Achilles.

One of the most striking things about the setting is the power of names.  Billy the Kid, Doc Holiday, Black Bart—these names ring in our ears, embodying the very essence of the West.  If you're looking to capture that same feeling,* to fill your setting with characters whose names ring true from the Badlands to Dodge City, I've got the table for you!

This link will take you to a d20 table for generating the name of a villainous outlaw (or grim anti-hero) and a corresponding gang of nefarious ne'er-do-wells.

Here's a sampling of names in all five of the recommended formulas.

Outlaws and Gangs

  • Dynamite Slim and the Bullseye Buzzard Bunch
  • Bushwack Brown and the Vipers
  • The Broken Tooth Bandits
  • Kate and the Thunder Devils
  • Lightning Jane and her boys

* With the addition of a bit of steampunk flair in places

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