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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Company and CEO Names

Names can be a tricky subject. As a game master, world builder, and/or adventure designer, you've probably made your way through a big list of fantasy names already. You've reused, borrowed, and modified names from history, mythology, books, and film.

What's that, you say?  You're running a modern, post-modern, or futuristic game?  And you don't want to just steal names from the real world?  Well, then, have I got a trio of tables for you.

If you're running a modern or futuristic game, your players are much more likely to have dealings with tech and security companies than with any other type of company, at least in my experience.  And your players won't be content to deal with underlings, they'll want to take the actions straight to the top: the CEO.  In that light, here are three tables to help you generate those names on the fly, or to inspire you to create names of your own.

Tech Company Names

1. Dynamic Circuitry Innovations
2. B&W Production (Boards and Wires)
3. Dyson-Calvin Computing
4. ITS (International Technical Solutions)

Security Company Names

1. Secutron Ltd.
2. Uberwatch Security
3. Stack Security Services Inc.
4. Surety Security
5. Vanguard & Co.
6. Castle and Moat Protection Agency

CEO Names

1. Zhang Min
2. Anees Dahm-Rahmani
3. Blythe Bankworth
4. Ruben Rodriguez
5. Maurice Zadeh
6. Carmen Stojkovic
7. Alistair Edgeston
8. Janavi Motirimani

I hope you weren't expecting anything St. Valentine's Day themed today.

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