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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Random Encounters III

So, previously I talked about making sure that random encounters had enough potential to not just be a combat encounter.  The examples I gave all had potential plot elements woven into them, but the players could easily have ignored most of them.

You know what players almost unanimously can't ignore?  Loot!  Treasure, rewards, new toys, weapons, and other accoutrement.  So, here's an easy way to generate a random encounter with extra potential.

Pick a creature at random, and give it a rare or uncommon treasure that the PCs will easily spot.  Now, this is generally going to lead to a combat encounter, but not always.  It depends not only on the nature of the treasure, but also on the nature of the monster.

In the examples below, I thought it would be even more interesting to toss in multiple monsters, giving them a chance either to ally against the PCs or to fight among each other over the treasure.


1. Trolls and krenshars
2. Kobolds and kenku
3. An oni and a green hag
4. Lizardfolk and harpies
5. A frost giant and gnolls
6. A green dragon and yuan-ti
7. A phoenix and a wyvern
8. A stone wyrm and drow
9. Myconids and awakened raptors
10. Wights, nothics, and a psychic gray ooze


1. 2d4 human slaves
2. 1d3 thoroughbred stallions
3. Caged dragon wyrmling
4. Cask of enchanted ale
5. Wooden case with 2d10 magic arrows
6. Enchanted shrunken head necklace
7. Historic tapestry embroidered with gold and gems
8. Shield with a holy insignia
9. Runic cannon
10. Mjolnir, Hammer of Thor

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