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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nobility Names

If you're running a typical high fantasy game, chances are your players are going to be dealing with a duke, duchess, prince, princess, king, queen, empress, or some other high mucky-muck during the course of the game.  Low fantasy, modern espionage, and even sci-fi games might also see a number of noble figures as NPCs.

Of course, you've already got those folks named and fleshed out.  They have rich backgrounds, complex motives, and plot-filled agendas.  And when the players ignore them all and go to the next barony over, who's in charge there?  Agendas and plots you can figure out later, but you've at least got to start with a name, right?

Well, lucky reader, have I got good news for you!  Now you can generate a huge variety of rich nobility names based on European feudal titles and a variety of names (some made up, some borrowed).

This link will take you to a d20 table for generating your own noble title in any of five easy formulas!

Don't believe me?  Why?  I'm not a liar.  Maybe you have trust issues.

Also, here are some examples!

Feudal Nobility Titles

  • Crown Prince Oriole, the Shieldbearer of the Silver City
  • Maria Bragomier, Empress of the Resplendent Mountains
  • Henry the Treacherous of the Frozen Lakes
  • The Bloody Czar of the Crags
  • Dame Leonora de Kardan the Sure-Hearted

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