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Friday, February 6, 2015

One-Line Rewards: Tools of Evil

As I've mentioned before, about once a week I spit out 4 or 5 magic items.  These are—ideally—unique and interesting, without being overly wordy.  I like to post them on Twitter on Wednesdays or Thursdays, so they have to be easily reduced to 140 characters.

Generally, the magic items' powers fall into one of two categories; either they're quite powerful but with a restriction, or they're not especially powerful.  Sometimes, I find myself with items of a third category: quite powerful but with a drawback.  Apparently I was in a dark mood recently, because I ended up with several magical items—several of this third category—with a decidedly fiendish nature.

One-Line Rewards

Devil’s Defense: This heavy iron armor is blackened by fire.  The armor is proof against demons, but the wearer must forsake her god.

Ivory Plate: This bone chestpiece is painted with dried blood. The wearer does not bleed when wounded, but her tears are blood.

Ring of Skulls: This iron ring is wide, heavy, and unadorned. It can summon a skeleton—under the wearer’s command—from dust.

Death’s Bond: This black parchment is covered in ruby-red writing.  The signer is invulnerable for 1 day, but dies at midnight.

Lilith’s Sword: This wide, emerald blade glows with power.  If bathed in angel’s blood at dawn, it can slay any creature until dusk.

Glint: This ancient iron sword is dented and scratched, but still sharp.  The soul of any creature killed by Glint is destroyed.

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