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Friday, February 27, 2015

Location: Guri's Outpost

I'm working on my map-making skills, but until they improve, I won't be posting them here. That won't stop me from sharing interesting adventure locations or settings, though. Here's one from late 2014 that houses an unlikely alliance: dwarves and lizardfolk.

Guri's Outpost

Guri’s Outpost was a military outpost held by the Army of Cloven Steel a few years ago.  It had been abandoned for months when the lizardfolk occupied it.

Guri Janess is the leader of a small band of lizardfolk and a new member of the Pillars of Scale and Bone (an order of lizardfolk shamans from many tribes).  Guri and his band have occupied this outpost in order to work with their new ally, the Fallen Hammer dwarf clan.  Even though they have only been working together for a few months, the lizardfolk and the dwarves have become steadfast allies.

Guri and his expanded band have raided a local village twice for supplies, and the townsfolk are scared and angry.  The village leader, a druid, is worried about the people, but she is more worried about the subtle corruption of the natural magic in the region.  Wild animals have begun growing hostile, and evil spirits haunt the shadows.

Guri’s plan is not to corrupt the natural magic of the area, that is just a side effect.  Guri’s mission, assigned to him by his fellow members of the Pillars of Scale and Bone, is to work with the Fallen Hammer dwarves to establish one of the pieces of a great ritual.*  The dwarves are cutting a great stone monolith in the outpost, carving it with ancient dwarf runes.  After each large, intricate rune is carved, Guri chants lizardfolk magic into the monolith.

* The effect of this ritual is to create a portal to the Glittering Marshes, an unearthly realm that would be the perfect home for both the lizardfolk and the dwarves.

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