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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mook Box II: Orcs

If there's one creature that the fantasy RPG industry has maligned more than any other, it is the orc.

Sure, goblins and kobolds are close runners-up, but those two races are also first on the block to be transformed from "savage sack of XP" to "crafty inventor".  Kobolds even have noble dragon lineage.

Meanwhile, the erstwhile defenders of the orc flock to the banner of its mainstream offspring: the half-orc.  And don't talk to me about Warcraft.  Their orcs may be protagonists, but they don't get off clean; orcs were once a proud and noble race of space warriors, but they were corrupted by horrible demons from beyond reality (or something to that effect).

So, poor orcs, the eternal cannon fodder.

On that note, here are some savage, evil orc barbarians for your PCs to slaughter.

(For another view on orcs, check out this follow-up post.)

Orc barbarian

D20 System

HP: 12 | Ref: +0 | Fort: +3 | Will: -2
AC: 14 (Flatfooted: 14 | Touch: 10)
Speed: 30 ft.
Greataxe +5 atk | 1d12+4 dmg | x3
Javelin +2 atk | 1d6+3 dmg | 30 ft.
Powers: darkvision 60 ft., rage (+1 atk, +2 dmg, -2 AC, +4 HP, 6 rounds)
Skills: listen +1, spot +1
Vulnerabilities: light sensitivity (-1)
Treasure: 1d6 gp
Challenge Rating: 1


Individual Clichés
Dumb as a bag of teeth, and stubborn to boot (2), Blood-rage axe maniac! (4)

Grunt Squad Cliché
Ravening horde of bloodthirsty brutes (6)


Threat Rating: 16
Hits per Round: 1

Chi: 3
Traits: Vicious Berserker (5), Intimidating Thug (4), Wild Tracker (3)

The Window

The orc barbarian has…
… impressive Strength (d8)
… average Agility (d12)
… above average Health (d10)
… very little Knowledge (d20)
… average Perception (d12)
The orc barbarian is…
… a tireless hunter (d12)
… a bloodthirsty warrior (d10)
… a bad liar (d20)
The orc barbarian carries…
… a hefty battleaxe
… leather armor
… a few coins
… a necklace of teeth

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