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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Six-Word Sparks IX: Sci-Fi Secrets

The high-tech advancements in science fiction have a profound effect on secrecy, much like the effect of magic on mysteries. Not only do the secrets themselves become grander and more dangerous, but the method for keeping them hidden becomes much deadlier and/or more complicated.

These secrets, for instance, could cause galactic panic. And in some cases, that panic may already be widespread, and the secret is the key to stopping or reversing it.

Six-Word Sparks

1. Explorers investigating micro-nebula haven't returned.
2. Strange signal emanates from star's heart.
3. Warping indicates hidden mass affecting travel.
4. Ancient shielded station finally lowers shield.
5. Powerful AI goes offline: sabotage suspected.
6. Supermassive black hole collapses, reveals planet.
7. Nanoatomic particles discovered; nanoverse portal opened.
8. Exotic radiation washes over peaceful planet.
9. Closer and closer stars are exploding.
10. "Quantam Zone" spreads, physics go haywire.

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