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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tavern Meals and Talking Points

Having just finished my big(ish) breakdown of the Diamond Mind campaign spark, I'm going to post something simple today.

Your PCs walk into the tavern and ask what's on the menu. Sure, most places will probably serve things like turnip soup and rabbit stew. But wouldn't it be nice to surprise the players with something of interest next time? It might spark some role playing with the barkeep or the cook, and it could even lead to a side quest. These tables will get you started.

Tavern Meals

1. Blackwood hen stew
2. Grey acorn bread and goat cheese
3. Frostleaf salad with a glass of elven snow wine
4. Dwarf cakes
5. Warg shank with a pint of aged grog
6. "Hagwich" and fried potatoes with a mug of "witch's brew"

Talking Points

1. The main ingredient in this meal is found in a dangerous region and sells for a fortune.
2. This meal is famous for its health-boosting effects.
3. The cook is brand new, and this is the first time this meal has been served.
4. Only the toughest (or only the classiest) people can properly eat this meal.

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