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Monday, May 18, 2015

Campaign Sparks: Diamond Mind (Locations)

Even though our setting isn't large compared to most RPG campaigns, we still need to establish specific locations within it. Our villains need somewhere to hide, our PCs need somewhere to rest, and our encounters need someplace to happen. We don't need much detail for most of these yet; the GM can fill them out with specifics as necessary.


Abandoned Tunnels
The various tunnels between abandoned stations in the London Underground are the homes of gangs, vagrants, and rats.

Bosom of the Sea
This large, raucous pub is out among the wharfs and serves mostly sailors and laborers. Its customers are loud, unruly, and often violent, but criminals are known to meet here to make secretive deals.

This cramped pub is located in the artisan's district, and so its clients run the range of working poor to lesser politicians. Clatter is so popular thanks in part to its inviting atmosphere and friendly barkeep.

Clock Tower (Big Ben)
The famous clock tower of the Palace of Westminster. Deep in its clockwork innards, the mysterious extranatural assassin known as Whisper keeps his lair.

The Diamond Star
This high-class restaurant is actually in a zeppelin that circles above the Hightower district. Aristocrats, politicians, and wealthy businesspeople meet here to discuss matters of great importance. Unknown to all, the powerful telepath Facet hides in the Zeppelin, slowly manipulating the minds of the most powerful women and men in London.

Northern Coal Tower
This is one of the tallest buildings in the Hightower district. It is owned by the Northern Coal Company, but many of its floors are leased out to other purposes. In fact, its uppermost floor is Joseph Chamberlain's personal penthouse.

Northern Coal Warehouse
In the heart of Whitechapel, this large building stores most of the coal burned by the many power plants in the district. It is an old building, converted to a warehouse only in the last few years, and has an entire subbasement that its workers know nothing about. That subbasement is Joseph Chamberlain's secret headquarters, where he is keeping Archibald Spire and building his Queen Victoria automaton.

Spire's Studio
This small shop is almost hidden at the edge of the Whitechapel district. This is where Archibald Spire is known to create and sell his magnificent clockwork creations. Spire is often busy working, however, so his shop is open only rarely.

West Whitechapel Plant
This is the largest of the power plants in Whitechapel. Before the construction of the Northern Coal Warehouse, it had a connection through the London Underground in order to receive coal quickly. This small tunnel, although it is blocked, is the closest connection to the Whitechapel Station.

Whitechapel Station
This Underground station was closed more than a year ago. In that time, a major gang has taken control of the station and now uses it as a headquarters.

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