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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Campaign Sparks: Diamond Mind (Adventure Hooks)

To wrap up my Diamond Mind campaign spark breakdown, I'm going to present a list of adventure hooks. Ideally, any one of these hooks could lead directly into the main story about Joseph Chamberlain, Archibald Spire, and Facet. Each hook also has a question or two to spark the GM's imagination and drive the hook into a larger adventure of its own.

Adventure Hooks

The Faceless Man
A street urchin runs out in front of the PCs' cab. She claims to have been nearly kidnapped by a man with no face.
 - Who does he work for? Why kidnap a penniless urchin?

Red-Letter Day
Mouleraine Windham-Smythe is looking for someone to investigate Chauncey Whig. Mouleraine believes that the threatening letters being left in his office are the doing of Chauncey.
- Why is Mouleraine being threatened?

Nails and the Hammer
Nails is sending messages throughout the Underground looking for runners, muscle, and gearheads. Nails has a new plan, but no one else in the gang knows all of it.
- Who else might show up to work for Nails? Spies for other NPCs?

Locke and Keye
Dory Locke is planning a serious heist against a wealthy politician. Dory is looking for a team to help overcome the politician's serious security in exchange for a split of the take.
- Why doesn't Dory choose a less secure heist? What has she got against this politician?

Industrious Espionage
Chrissy Plain is discreetly look for outside talent to help with an undercover investigation of the Northern Coal Company.
- Why can't Chrissy do the undercover work herself? And why is the investigation so covert in the first place?

Writing on the Wall
Dustine needs an extra set of eyes and ears to try to catch the person who keeps leaving ominous messages on her wall during the evening rush.
- What do the messages mean? Why are they always left at the same time?

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