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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Campaign Sparks: Diamond Mind (NPCs)

Now that we have setting and locations out of the way, it's time to populate those places a bit with some NPCs.


  • Archibald Spire is an ingenious inventor with a one-track mind and no idea how to run a business.
  • Chauncey Whig is a pompous man-at-arms at Parliament. He is aggressive, and he's a stooge of Joseph Chamberlain.
  • Christianna "Chrissy" Plain is a tough, tall redhead with sharp mind for security. She is the head of the Queen's Most Distinguished Personal Attendants (her personal agents). Chrissy is level-headed and is a crack shot with any firearm.
  • Dory Locke is a telekinetic thief with a clockwork arm designed by Spire. She is a professional thief, but she lives modestly on a few big thefts per year. Dory is generally kind, if a bit forgetful.
  • Dustine Mélange is the amiable owner and barkeep of Clatter. She always seems to be surrounded by a calming aura.
  • Facet is an enigmatic telepath with designs to rule over all of London.
  • Joseph Chamberlain is a charismatic politician with serious influence over Parliament, but not over the Queen. He is strongly against extranaturals and wants them expunged from England.
  • Martin is a poor vagrant in a shabby grey cloak. He has a knack for disappearing, and people have a hard time remembering him after he leaves. He sells information in the Underground.
  • Mouleraine Windham-Smythe is a keen-eyed politician in the House of Commons. His dark skin makes him stand out, but not as much as his critical voice.
  • Nails is a gritty gang leader and an excellent sword fighter. Nails is ex-military and runs the gang with precision.
  • Queen Victoria is the clever and intimidating monarch of England.
  • Whisper is an empathic assassin who feels the pain and fear of targets.

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