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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Random Encounters: High Fantasy Tavern

In case you've missed my previous comments on random encounters, I think there's definitely a time and a place for them, but you've got to keep them interesting. To that end, I've been posting these table combos. Each set has a focused genre and a specific location.

These tables, for instance, will generate a random high-fantasy encounter in a tavern.


1. A drunk elf with a dramatic story
2. A belligerent, racist halfling
3. A pair of bickering half-orcs with visible red auras
4. A hooded figure, skeletally thin but at least 7 feet tall, sitting alone at a table
5. The door crashes in and undead pour into the room
6. An old woman in rusty armor and a wizard's cap clutching a treasure map

Environment feature

1. The floor is not hard-packed dirt, but soft, lush, dark green grass
2. The lighting is especially dim; only a few candles on the walls illuminate the room
3. The ceiling collapses, wood and plaster and thatch crashing down
4. A barrel of strong dwarven whiskey breaks open, leaking across the whole floor
5. A large hearth fire burns brightly in the center of the room
6. Large, brass chandeliers hang from thick rafters over heavy wooden tables


1. A wyvern head, mounted on the wall, comes to life and breathes fire.
2. The drinks were all poisoned! Everyone who had anything stronger than water suffers.
3. Parts of the floor give way, and heavily armed kobolds climb out and attack!
4. A happy-go-lucky gnome buys drinks for everyone and starts belting out drinking songs.
5. A team of pickpocket street urchins runs in, distracts patrons, and robs everyone blind.
6. The bartender starts getting sick, and then a demon bursts out of his chest.

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