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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Campaign Sparks: Diamond Mind (Spark)

I know I just shared an interesting campaign spark yesterday, but it got me thinking about other ideas. In particular, I wondered what the actual process would be for transforming a campaign spark into a full campaign outline, including NPCs, locations, adventure hooks, rewards, etc.

So, I'm going to start with a brand-new campaign spark today, and then I'll start taking it apart and filling in all of the empty spaces. By the end, my goal is to have a full campaign outline that someone could (theoretically) lay over the top of their favorite RPG system and use.

But, as I said, I'm going to start with just the simple spark itself. This one is a mix of steampunk and paranormal, and stars Queen Victoria, a psychic thief, and several sinister plots.

The Diamond Mind

In the summer of 1897, London, the city of clockwork science, prepares for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.  Amidst the excitement are worried rumors: extranaturals—people with psychic powers like empathy and telekinesis—are becoming more common and more dangerous.

Joseph Chamberlain, well-known politician, has kidnapped Archibald Spire (the renowned clockwork inventor) and schemes to replace Queen Victoria with an automaton.  Chamberlain employs the empathic assassin Whisper as his right-hand man.  Whisper knows nothing of Chamberlain’s full plot: to use the clockwork Queen's authority to wipe out all extranaturals.

Dory Locke, a telekinetic thief with a clockwork arm, turns to the players to help her rescue Archibald, her friend, and uncover the plot.  The scheme goes deeper than even Chamberlain realizes; he is being controlled by a powerful telepath, Facet, who plans to take unopposed control of London once the other extranaturals have been wiped out.

The Breakdown Posts

Genre and Mood (and Influences)
Adventure Hooks

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