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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Uncommon Superpowers

If you're playing a superhero (or supervillain) game, let me lay out the powers everyone will be tired of seeing.
  • Super strength and/or toughness
  • Super speed and/or agility
  • Flight
  • Self-healing
  • Laser blasting (eyes, hands, etc.)
  • Telekinesis and/or telepathy
  • Fire powers and/or ice powers
  • Money and/or gadgets
  • Phasing through matter
  • Super intelligence and/or planning

Obviously, my initial comment was a generalization and the powers I listed above cover a wide range of abilities and possible characters. I am not saying don't use those powers, but I would caution you before giving them to all of your super-powered antagonists. Instead, try to find or create some less common superpowers. Here's a list of my suggestions, which include modified and otherwise obscure superpowers.

Uncommon Superpowers

  1. Morph into an animal
  2. Change text by touching it (physical and virtual text)
  3. Shrink objects by 50%, permanently
  4. See 10 minutes into your own future
  5. Poison creatures with a touch
  6. See emotions as colored auras
  7. Learn the history of an object by touching it
  8. Turn into a cloud of particles and reintegrate with a thought
  9. Plant mimicry (not plant control)
  10. Absorb kinetic energy

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