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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Interesting Superpower Pairings

Yesterday I wrote about uncommon superpowers in general, but today I want to talk about interesting superpower pairings. What I mean by that is the idea that a character has two (or more) powers that are unrelated and don't necessarily mesh well together. Giving a character diverse powers not only makes that character more versatile, but also gives the player (or the GM) more room to find alternate solutions to a problem.

For example, giving a character super strength and super toughness is a common pairing, but what about super toughness and empathy (emotional telepathy) or super strength and control of winds? Now you've got a character who stands out among other super strong or super tough heroes, and you've given that character extra versatility to boot. Also, you can stretch your creative muscles to find a theme and a name that encompass both of those powers.

Hopefully the table below will give you a fuller understanding of what I mean and encourage you to come up with your own superpower pairs.

Interesting Superpower Pairings

  1. Super speed and super hearing*
  2. Dynamic camouflage and flight**
  3. Teleportation and animal speech
  4. Super strength and dreamwalking
  5. Acid spit and technopathy
  6. Ice powers and fire powers
  7. Self-healing and poisonous touch***
  8. Super agility and sonic scream
  9. Super scent and eye lasers
  10. Empathic projection and invisibility

* The Hare or Jackrabbit
** The Phantasm or Clear Skies
*** The Virus or Bacterior

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