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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Legendary Monsters

I was going to wait a while before I did another follow-up post to my Unique Monsters post, but I was feeling inspired. So, I decided to share some legendary monsters.

The difference between a unique monster and a legendary monster can be a bit blurry, but the gist is this.
- A unique monster is the only one of its kind.
- A legendary monster is famous among its kind, whether or not it is the only one of its kind.

So, not all unique monsters are legendary (since some may be entirely unknown), and not all legendary monsters are unique, though they stand out among their kind. Legendary monsters make good fodder for early-game rumors and late-game encounters. I get particular joy out of building up a legend throughout the game, and then (eventually) paying it off with an epic encounter.

Legendary Monsters

1. Fahs, psychic vampire
2. Miasme, the bone elf
3. Sk'ar, hobgoblin gladiator
4. Fantasma, awakened elephant clairvoyant
5. Irondark, dwarf ninja
6. Malfeasance the Blightbringer, unbound half-fiend dryad necromancer
7. Doom, half-lich warlock
8. Trag, the ogre were-dire-boar
9. Gorgonash, the troll titan
10. Lillith, the infernal medusa

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