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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Six-Word Sparks X: Noncombat Adventures

A lot of RPG adventures and campaigns revolve around violence. In fact, nearly all the content of this blog itself is violence-centric. Granted, the violence in my own games is directed at dangerous creatures and murderous villains, but it's still a lot of violence.

But not everyone wants that. Sometimes, I don't even want to deal with violence in my games. There are lots of interesting and exciting scenarios you can play out without using violence, and with today's six-word sparks, I hope to illustrate a few of those.

Six-Word Sparks

  1. Centaurs hold centennial games; everyone welcome.
  2. Elves begin sailing away en masse.
  3. Desperate priest warns of falling stars.
  4. Black rain dissolves stone, nothing else.
  5. Apprentice magician accidentally becomes permanently invisible.
  6. Restless spirits worry usually unreliable prophet.
  7. Tiny city discovered inside crystal sphere.
  8. Town drunk talks about treasure map.
  9. During thunderstorm, rain stops in midair.
  10. Merfolk abandon oceans and breathe air.

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