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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Culture Concept: Nemeads

As I've already discussed, fantasy cultures are often flat and transparent copies of real-world cultures. I am trying to develop a method of creating cultures that results in cultures that feel more vibrant and less stereotypical. Yesterday, I posted on a winged giant culture called the stormwings, today I'm presenting a humanoid lion culture called the nemeads.


  • Nemeads are humanoid lions who live in a fertile savannah and worship a wide pantheon of nature deities.
  • Nemeadan society is feudal, and property and titles are passed down two-fold: fathers to daughters and mothers to sons.
    • Nemeadan nobles are responsible for the defense of their land and for paying tribute to the monarch in the form of money, supplies, or soldiers.
    • Nemeads without titles either work the land as serfs or train as soldiers.
    • All nemeads receive basic combat training at a young age, even those destined to be serfs.
  • The nemeadan society is ruled by a monarch who is elected in a council held among all nobles every five years.
    • The nemeadan monarch is advised by a high council of three: the Speaker, the Marshal, and the Treasurer.
    • Nemeadans often war with other nearby nations and peoples.
  • Nemeadan religion is centered around a large pantheon of gods and goddesses of nature.
    • Nemeadans are strong and organized, and their deities teach them that the abundance of nature is a gift to the strong and bold.
    • The gods and goddesses also teach the nemeadans that a life without struggle is not worth living, and that all peace is only temporary.

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